BLREA Services


  • Exclusive presence on the website
  • Targeted marketing campaigns to our guest and lead database
  • Automated rental management systems
  • Access to our dedicated reservations staff
  • On-site maintenance services, including housekeeping and security
  • Accounting services with regular reporting

In addition to these services, BLREA’s integration with the new Bear Lake Reserve ownership group means we have direct access to the management of all on-site activities, events, and amenities which enables us to deliver the best possible experience for you and your rental guests.

Services & Expertise

The primary value a vacation rental partner can provide is the ability to keep your home in great condition while generating the most revenue. At BLREA, we are confident that our irreplaceable advantages over other companies will provide owners just that. Specifically, we focus on the following areas:


  • The majority of our marketing efforts are targeted toward the people who have already expressed an interest in Bear Lake Reserve. This database of interested parties is used to target this group with direct mail and e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • This Bear Lake Reserve Vacations website is directly integrated into the master website, meaning you benefit from all of the traffic that the BLR marketing endeavors drive to the site.
  • The state-of-the-art website has all the tools necessary to compel guests to book our “Endorsed Accommodations”.

Guest Services

  • On-site hospitality staff are available to provide renters with access to the on-site activities and events and will provide front-desk guest assistance.
  • Our hospitality staff are available to assist guests in planning visits to the wide range of attractions and recreational facilities in the mountains of Western North Carolina.
  • Our front desk in the Greeter’s Cottage are staffed seven days a week for guests’ convenience.
  • Pre-arrival grocery stock-up services are available. Our guests can order a limited menu of standard items in advance and the items are placed in the rental unit prior to guest arrival.
  • A visitor orientation is provided to new guests upon arrival to introduce them to the rental program and to give them an overview of the recreational facilities at Bear Lake Reserve.
  • When possible, guests are escorted to their rental unit by a host who will familiarize them with the features of the home including operation of the TV and appliances, lighting, temperature control, and operation of the fireplace, if applicable.

Hospitality Management

  • Our staff will provide a comprehensive reservations service and will handle all correspondence with rental guests.
  • Collection of all advanced deposits, rental fees, damage deposits and collection of damage fees are managed diligently by our staff.
  • Front desk check-in services at the Greeter’s Cottage are provided seven days a week during busy seasons and greeters are available to meet arriving guests during off-peak periods.
  • Host and activity staff are available seven days a week at our Lake Club during the peak seasons to assist guests in gaining the most enjoyable possible time during their stay.

Owner Services

  • Maintenance services are provided for rental unit owners and renters by our internal staff or appropriate service providers.
  • Owners will receive monthly statements regarding rental activity, housekeeping services and other requested or required rental management services; the monthly statement mailing may also include a check for rental income, providing the account has a balance due to the owner.
  • Housekeeping services are available to owners or their personal guests on an advanced reservation basis.
  • Monthly preventive maintenance and inspections are conducted on each rental unit by our in-house staff.
  • Post-visitor inspections are conducted on the rental unit at the time a guest checks out.
  • Rental availability calendars are maintained for each property, giving the owners the potential benefit of maximum rental income as well as maximum personal-use benefit when the unit is not being rented.

Accounting & Financial Services

  • BLREA will handle the collection of all rental fees, housekeeping fees, resort access fees, damage collections and guest resort charges.
  • BLREA will pay all credit card processing fees.
  • All appropriate taxes are collected by BLREA and reported to the appropriate government agencies.
  • All owner expenses and their personal-guest-related expenses, such as housekeeping fees, are tracked on the owner’s ledger and reported in each monthly statement.
  • An annual income and expense statement are provided to each unit owner within 30 days after January 1st of each year for owners’ tax reporting purposes.
  • Monthly statements are issued to owners within two weeks after the closing period.
  • Payments of owner’s rental income are paid monthly with the reports. Payments will include all stays completed within the quarter.

If you’d like to learn more about being a part of the Bear Lake Reserve Endorsed Accommodations program, please contact us at 828-293-1330 or